Setup Emu

Connect DSL Internet line with Your Dreambox and go to blue panel by pressing blue button on remote.

Go to addons > Cam and Select CCcam 2.0.11 Complete or latest For Download
and then install it.

Then Enable AUTO CAM, From blue Panel.

After That Go to auto Cam and Change Default Cam to CCcam 2.0.11 or latest Which you installed.

Then Replace The CCcam.cfg we have/will send you in VAR/ETC.

For this You Need to Ftp to Dreambox . Connect Your Dreambox to Your Computer Using a Cross-over Network Cable having Rj-45 Plugs both sides.

After Connecting Your Dreambox to Your Computer , Open Lan Card Properties > TCP/IP Protocol Properties > Put IP and subnet mask as and then Close the tabs.

Now in Dreambox go to Menu > Setup > Expert Setup > Comunication .. uncheck DHCP and put IP and same subnetmask. and save it.

Open Internet Explorer and type > Default Username: root Password: dreambox , open var folder then etc and replace/past your CCam.cfg file .

Then Plug the DSL internet line into Dreambox and go to Menu>setup>expert Setup>comunication > .. Check DHCP and ENJOY Your Favorite Channels.

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